Avoid Litigation and Resolve Divorce Issues Peacefully

The decision to divorce and the next steps to take is one of the most stressful events in one’s life. There are alternatives to divorce without ever having to go to court.

Harmony Family Law Mediation Group offers assistance to individuals who wish to avoid litigation, maintain control over their lives, and find a peaceful, private solution to resolve their family conflict.

At Harmony, we are dedicated to providing couples seeking a divorce with information and guidance about non-litigation alternatives to enable them to select the process best suited for their family and personal needs.

Once a process a selected, whether it be mediation or collaborative divorce, our office is committed to assisting the parties to reach peaceful, creative and mutually agreeable solutions that meet the best interests of the parties and their families.

Harmony Family Law Mediation Group offers the following legal services:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Empowering Individuals To Resolve Conflict Peacefully
If you know someone in Southern California who you think might benefit from non-litigation alternatives to dispute resolution and other family law services, please refer them to Harmony Family Law Mediation Group. Our experienced staff will custom tailor an affordable solution to resolve their legal issues peacefully. Our phone number is (323) 663-1000.

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